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There was a time when American businesses lacked a formal code of conduct. It was the Wild West, oil tycoons in Stetsons, deal closings sealed with a wink or a martini toast. Imagine a time before technology and the pandemic, a time before business etiquette norms were established in America. That was the landscape I encountered in the early 1970s. Witnessing the need for a formalized system, I embarked on a mission to create a framework for ethical and professional conduct in the American workplace.

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources – from social and institutional manners to international business practices – I developed a comprehensive set of guidelines. Through extensive travel and networking, I observed industry trends and identified core principles for success.

I have traveled over three million air miles speaking and teaching American business ethics and etiquette globally.

Phyllis Davis
Founder/Director ABEETA, American Business Ethics and Etiquette Trainers Association
Partner,  Concept to Licensing LLC  

Author, Navigating Virtue: Ethics and Etiquette in the American Business Landscape©
Available June 2024
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Realizing the need for something other than church manners or state protocol, I became an architect of American business etiquette.

I am the founder of the American Business Ethics and Etiquette Trainers Association (ABEETA) and the author of my new groundbreaking book, Navigating Virtue. I have spent 40 years shaping professional behavior in the US, and my latest book equips readers with the essential tools to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

Navigating Virtue: Ethics and Etiquette in the American Business Landscape is launching in seventy-five countries in June 2024. I am ready! I have seen it all, from handshakes in smoky boardrooms to deals made on mobile Zoom calls in the backseat of limousines. On the high end, I have seen fantastic success stories, and, on the downside, I have seen entire companies fall and their leadership sent to jail for decades; I covered the downfall of Enron and Worldcom during a 20-city media tour in 2002.

My passion is helping professionals inspire and lead others. Not only do they need to check the boxes for leadership, but they also need ‘people skills’ that endure through good times and bad. That requires far more skills than just being ‘liked’; it requires trust.

I have also spent my entire life in the world of art and artists, and I love creative people who practice all art forms. I began as an actress (or an actor, an inclusive term) in Hollywood in the early 70s for film and television commercials. In the late 1980s, I was in Julia Cameron’s first cluster group of seven people she created as the basis for her famous book, along with Mark Bryan’s The Artist’s Way, which has now sold five million copies worldwide. Around the time Ms. Cameron’s book was published, I wrote The Artist’s Way Workshop and have since graduated more than 40,000 people from the twelve-week or the six-week workshop that I taught in the evenings. I have had the privilege of collaborating with painters, potters, poets, actors/actresses, musicians, singers, dancers, chefs, textile designers, crafty folks, and speakers who wrapped me in love and healed all my broken places. Let me know if you are interested in taking the course with me over Zoom. We meet as a group online six times, two hours each session. I will email you the date and details for enrolling.

My new book, Navigating Virtue, provides a roadmap for success in today’s dynamic workplace, addressing challenges like remote work and communication breakdowns and blended with humor, stories, anecdotes, and colorful graphics.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting your career, this book equips you with the tools to build strong relationships, foster a productive environment, and achieve your goals.

  • “When I’m not writing or speaking, you can find me gardening in my prolific Portable Farms® Aquaponics System that my husband and I invented in 2008 or playing with our three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
  • “My global travels have taught me that effective communication transcends borders – a skill essential for success in today’s global business world.”

Now, in , I share my insights and practical advice for thriving in today’s dynamic business environment.

Join me in navigating the ever-evolving world of business. Learn the essential skills to build trust, foster collaboration, and achieve success.

Employees won’t just talk the talk, they’ll walk the walk after they learn to flex their skills.

  • Critical thinking muscles: Spot roadblocks before they become brick walls, and brainstorm workarounds like a team of MacGyvers on espresso.
  • Cause-and-effect kung fu: Master the art of “do this, get that,” weaving communication magic that boosts productivity and civility (buh-bye, office gossip!).
  • Tech etiquette like a boss: Smartphones, laptops, emails, oh my! Tame the digital beast with confidence and grace.
  • Listening superpowers: Become a human sponge, soaking up information and responding with laser-sharp follow-up. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and hello to happy customers!
  • Collaboration on steroids: Build rapport like a master chef builds flavor, turning teammates into a well-oiled, idea-generating machine.
    • Branding and marketing that hits the feels: Connect your company’s message to hearts, not just minds. Watch customer loyalty soar like a majestic eagle (or maybe a well-trained marketing pigeon).
    • HR’s dream team: Kiss “drama llama” goodbye! Fewer conflicts, less paperwork, more high fives. Now that’s a workplace we can all get behind.
    • Communication champions: Teams that talk, walk, and exceed expectations like nobody’s business. Watch goals get crushed and quotas obliterated like Thanos facing a room full of Hulk-smashing toddler.

Ready to unleash these communication superpowers in your company? Contact us today and get ready for a workplace transformation so epic, it’ll make Shakespeare do a double take.

P.S. We guarantee at least 83% fewer eye rolls per office interaction.